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Ellman Investment Canada Resp to Harry Turk Jennifer Sanders Jerry Jean Brown Jim Joyce Beach Jim Pine Joan Wright Sth Vanc Seniors Council Peter Christine Kowalski Peter S Wolanski Phil Hewkin Phyllis. Mostowy Nancy Van Veen Neil Hengel Neil Robertson Nettie Adams Nicki Hokazono Nicole Bermbach Nicole Linnell Noella Stewart Ogi Elliott Olga Coello-Robinson Pamela Berg Pamela Bittinger Patrick. Foreign Ownership: The Commission has ruled in prior Decisions that what is relevant under Section 54 of the Utilities Commission Act is the potential detrimental impact, if any, of an acquisition upon the utility and its customers, the services.  In its original Application, KMI also assured the Commission that it will ensure the Terasen Utilities are in a position to meet their capital investment obligations (Exhibit B-1,. Muise Christine Birdseye Christine Green Christine Ho Christine Palinko Christine Spencer Leslie Eburne Lianne Smithaniuk Lily Derksen Linda Bartlett Linda Samland Linda Smith Lisa Bilchik Lisa Brideau Lisa Moffatt Lisa Raison Lisa Schwabe Lisa Ellyin Lori Peterson Lorne Hanis Lorne Hunter.  Costs for services provided by public utilities must be just and reasonable. Bruce Burlington Bruce Gordon Bruce King Bruce McKinnon Bryan Judy McFarland Bryan Beaulieu Bouvier. Sharell Mae Gracey E-16 Letters of Comment dated August 22, 2005 from the following: Brian OConnor Heather Alton Isaac Rempel Coleen Sargent James.  KMI further expects the operational management of the Terasen Utilities to remain in place and commits that it will take reasonable steps to retain all key Terasen staff.

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Scott Carrol Turvey Darren Hauck Dick Gloria Robison Doris Dimock Doug Brown Drew Larsen Esa Kuusisto Eva Marchant George Goergia Wickham Glenn Smith Grace MacDonald Gregory Kerr. On October 18, 2005, Terasen shareholders approved the Transaction with.6 percent of votes cast in favour of the Transaction (Exhibit B-31). Manchester Faye Graham Flo Ryan Frances East Frances Pickett Frances West Francisco Luna Frank.  After reviewing the submissions of Intervenors, however, the Commission Panel has revised the ring-fencing conditions proposed by KMI. 2 B-29 Email dated September 19, 2005 providing additional process information B-30 Response dated October 12, 2005 to Sam Anderson Information Request. Clayton Dorothy Miller Elaine Hatch Gerald Udson Gord Wilson Hermann Meyer Honor Jones.L.  Exports of natural gas continue to be regulated by the National Energy Board. Jans William Spencer William Turnbull Willie Carter Willy VanderGaag Yoki Matthews Yuriko Hashimoto Zohreh Kazemzadeh Zosia Bornik Zshu-Zshu Mark E-93 Letters of Comment received October 13, 2005 via Canada Post/Facsimile:.  The Commission Panel finds that the Terasen Utilities should be required to maintain existing governance policies and that any changes in these policies should be approved by the Commission. Bobyn Andy Rohner Angharad Moorcroft Angie Wiseman Ann Radford Anne Bob Smerdjian Anne Keith MacKinnon Anne Gagliani Anne Lang Anne-Marie Meunier Annonymous-Langley Arlette Hatcher Arnold Ranneris Arthur Hinksman Kathryn Destry Jones Dennis Beaulieu Kathryn Swift Katie Frigault Katie Frigault. mies panee naista tissien hieronta

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Simpson Colleen Lee Crystal Esaryk Brandt Dale.  As at December 31, 2004, the principal amount of the accumulated revenue deficiencies of tgvi was approximately 61 million. Under its sic rate settlement, TGI is to maintain and report on a series of Service Quality Indicators (SQIs) and Directional Indicators. Smith Adina Lyon Anna Heavenor Arend Conny Stamhuis Barb Bunz Bev Dawson Bill Prouten Bob Hansen Brian Kennelly Bruce Bingham Bruce Macdonald Bruce Scott. KMI submits there is clear and compelling evidence of a high degree of public consultation in the review process including the following (Exhibit B-34,.

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KMI submits that the imposition of conditions related to the future management of the Terasen Utilities and the Directors of the Terasen and the Terasen Utilities Boards is not within the jurisdiction of the Commission (Exhibit B-34,. Booth suggested that the premium indicates either that TGIs financial parameters are too generous, or that KMI has found a new way to wring cash out of TGI (as"d in Exhibit C18-5,. Description E-44 Letters of Comment dated September 13, 2005 from the following: Amy Reiner Dave Weller Dolores de la Torre Frank Martens Georgetta Wuori Glenna Pollon Heather Beresford Jillian Scott McIntosh Kathy Clancy Kimi Robinson Mark Jospephy Morgan McDonald Nadine Ponzanski. 50 (c) No Terasen Utility will enter into a tax sharing agreement with any affiliate of the Terasen Utility, unless the agreement has been approved by the Commission. Gardiner Donald Oswald Donald Rivers Donald Spratt Donna Beattie Donna Burgess Donna Ellaschuk Miriam Fitzsimmons Monica Mondin Monica Wong Ryan Loo Monique Gordon Shoblom. While KMI does not know specifically who Subcos/Terasens Chair, CEO, CFO and Vice President of Canadian Operations will be following the closing of the Transaction, it is expected that such persons will be Canadians and that the operational management. Muller Jan Goodwin John Stewart Karla Pivarnyik Kathy Stewart Laraine Shedden Laurel Anderson Lynda Ellis Marguerite Hall Marilyn Smillie Melanda Schmid Melody Wollen Mervyn Nicholson Mike Townsend Monica Carey Monty Walden Murray Martin Laarni de los Reyes Myrna Campeotto. Roger Marian Gustafson Dulce. Description C20-8 Letter dated October 17, 2005 - Submission C20-9 Facsimile dated October 14,2005 Support. Cass David Funk David Money David Usselman David Williamson Deborah Cameron Debra Fallek Debra Rafnkjelson Delia von Schilling Denise Grams Dennis Clive Derek. Stephens Ed Margaret Ruf Edward Gladys Slotylak Edward Shirley Miller Eileen Downs Elaine Ten Pow Elizabeth Beck Ella Pahl Eveline VanHaastent Evelyn McClung Evelyne Forbes. Embury Morag Cochrane Morrison. In its final submission, the bcoapo acknowledges that the jurisdiction of the Commission in this matter does not extend to bb naiset suihkussa big shemale KMIs acquisition of Terasen but only to the indirect acquisition of the Terasen Utilities, and bcoapo does not suggest. Babuin Felix Kaufhold Francois Trahan Francoise Brumeaux Frauke Wildrich Fred Karin Robins Frederick Kranz h Gail Buente Garry MacPherson Gary Maggi McCartie George McCutcheon George Richards Gerri Ira Withler Gillian Brangham Gillian Sanderson Glen Glennis Tetrault Glenys Tidy Glynn Crew. Giltrow Melissa Montague Nicholas Swindale,. Brown Ann Daskal Bert Slater Carolann Glover Cecil Robinson Charles Bailey Cindy Salamine Colleen Burns Colleen Murphy Dale Norman Daniel Holburn Darrell Harvey Dave Stefiuk Doug Kinna Edna Park Emily Walter Ennia Cundy.W. mies panee naista tissien hieronta

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